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Moments to Memories Photography
Katie Jordon's photo.
Katie Jordon

One of my absolute favorites from Tom & Lauren 's wedding. I can rarely if ever get TJ to smile in a picture with me. Thank you for capturing a beautiful & rare moment with me & my son
Nancy continually does amazing work! She captures each and every moment with an artistic eye. We love all of her photos, and are so happy with Sean's Communion shoot. Keep up the great work! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Carol Mateja(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures!! You are so talented!!
Thank you so much! Lia's pictures are simply amazing! Can't wait to see the rest!
Lisa Sedlor(non-registered)
I just can't decide, the pictures are all so amazing. Beautiful work.
How wonderful when people find the talent God blessed them with.I said this to you before .IF I had to run out of my house while it was burning .One of the things in my arms would be the pictures you took of my loved ones
Moments to Memories Photography
i can not say enough times how AWESOME these pictures are. thank you soooo much for doing this. i think in the spring bridge is going to ask you to do her family pictures and we might crash to get some pictures of all of us for mom! thank thank thank you you you sooooo much.
Tina Buzzetto(non-registered)
You are unbelievable! Those pictures are fantastic!!! I can't pick which to blow up on canvas. Thank you soooo much
Moments to Memories Photography
A recent e-mail from a shoot I did:

These are absolutely amazing. John and I love them. They are perfect and exactly
what we wanted for Brie. I can't wait to show her, she is going to freak out.
You really have amazing talent and I am so glad we got to work with you. You
cant definitely give Brit the C.D. I'll get it from her soon. Again thank you so

Very Kind Words Thank You
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